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Minecraft: Learn the story of the best-selling PC game of all time

10 years after its creation, Minecraft closes 2019 as one of the most popular PC games of the decade

Minecraft completed ten years of existence and, after a decade, holds the most profitable PC game title of all time. With a simple interface and a real fever among teenagers and pre-teenagers, it is difficult to believe that a block game is capable of such a game.

To give you an idea, channels on YouTube focused on the content of the game have become the favorite option among children and do not be surprised if one of them exchanges television for gameplays of Minecraft.

But do not think that your popularity is any impediment, regardless of the streak. Despite the simplicity anyone can play Minecraft, there are several ways and the freedom to make the game more complex, which explains how such. Created in Sweden in 2009, the game has already extended its domains to 105 countries and is currently played by more than 100 million people.

Minecraft It is an electronic game, whose basic objective is to build and break blocks. The game was created by Swede Markus Persson, released in 2011, initially for PC and later for other platforms such as Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Players build only simple structures to protect themselves against night monsters, but over time the game has grown and players have started to work together to create wonderful and surreal things.

Markus Persson, the creator of Minecraft

Minecraft creator Markus Persson does not see himself as a businessmanMinecraft creator Markus Persson does not see himself as a businessman

All the magic of Minecraft he has a big mind behind him: Markus Persson, better known as Notch, a Swedish man who has found his true passion in games programming.

Mojang, as soon as it realized the potential of Minecraft, embraced the cause. In a single day, in 2011, shortly after the Beta version was launched, the company sold about a million copies of the Minecraft. The game, on the other hand, had nothing very extraordinary, but it was extremely fun and interactive.

In 2014, Carl Manneh, director of Mojang, and Notch, in addition to programmer Jakob Porser, announced that they would leave the company and sell it Microsoft for $ 2.5 billion. The secret may be that Notch doesn't see himself as a great businessman.

Today, after some updates, the game is still in the same format: full of blocks, just waiting for a creative player to transform a pile of geometric figures into a new world. And do not think that players are not able to do so.

Herobrine, the dark legend of Minecraft

Like all world fever, Minecraft it also has its share of urban legends, necessary to keep the interest alive and the adrenaline present. In this case, he serves as Herobrine, a kind of mob, a ghost who was added to the game as a tribute to the late brother of Notch, creator of the game.

Of course, there are many reports, and more and more witnesses appear. According to the reports of those who have already encountered such a monster, he has the same appearance as Steve (original character used by the brother of Notch), however, with a difference: Herobrine has totally white eyes, large and bright, which can easily seen at night.

The legend exists since the launch of the Minecraft Alpha and many stories revolve around it. Some say that for Herobrine to appear, it is necessary to have at least 200 hours of play on the same map in Survival mode at Hard level without dying.

After this period, strange things start to happen. Reports say that the torches in their homes and caves are replaced by redstone torches, the glass and blocks are broken and, most terrifyingly, the ghost starts making brief appearances on the map.

Some say that Notch's brother had drowned and was added to the game as a tribute. Although the Mojang deny the existence of Herobrine, whenever there is a major update, they put on the list of changes that Herobrine has been removed, just to keep the expectation of the players alive.

Ray Tracing and the magic of Minecraft

One of the great news of the Minecraft for that year, it is for sure that the implementation of the Ray Tracing in systems with video cards NVidia GeForce RTX. What does it mean in practice that, with the use of Ray Tracing, an algorithm makes it possible to simulate the incidence of light on objects like in the real world, resulting in some graphic improvements such as direct lighting of the sun, more realistic shadows and reflections and refraction effects on transparent materials, such as glass and water.

The implementation of Ray Tracing central to what we think for the future of Minecraft. In the current version, a gold block looks yellow, but with this enhancement turned on, you can see glare, reflections, and even reflected enemies. The game is making great strides towards new achievements, without abandoning what made it famous in the first place.

As the simple graphic, entirely pixelated, it is possible to build, recreate and navigate this environment for years without the risk of bugs, the so-called technical errors that usually appear in electronic games. More than that: without facing borders. O Ray Tracing s it further reinforces these possibilities and with the update takes strides to create even more interactive universes.

H, really, whoever tries to go all over the planet Minecraft, as the American Kurt Mac, who already shared his experience in videos in the YouTube. Since 2011 he strives to reach the edge of the game's virtual universe, having completed almost 2,100 kilometers digitized by the game. However, mathematically the final frontier is too far away to make a difference for players.

In practice, Mac would have to continue walking for another 12,000 kilometers, over 22 years (of his life outside the game) to achieve the maximum that the algorithm could produce. The limit for Minecraft it seems distant, as does its popularity.

Minecraft has already won important industry awards such as VGX: Best Independent Game it's the Spike Video Game Awards, both in 2011. In the same year, Markus Persson was also awarded in two categories in the Game Developers Choice Awards: Best Debut Game and Best Downloadable Game.

J in 2012, he secured another trophy, this time the BAFTA Video Games Award: Special Prize. Even the Minecraft won another trophy in other years at the same award, winning the BAFTA Kids Vote – Game in 2014 and the BAFTA Video Games Awards: Game for the Family in 2015. In the same year, he took home the trophy Nickelodeon Kids ’Choice Award: Favorite Video Game, after three other nominations in previous years at the award.

please note that Minecraft is available for your favorite platform, be it on the PC, on the console or even on your cell phone. For desktop, the game is available for the systems: Windows, Mac, Linux and Windows 10. Now for consoles, the Minecraft runs smoothly for: Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Switch and New 3DS. Finally, so-called devices are also not left out: iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Gear VR and Fire TV.