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Minecraft: Education Edition is now available for iPads

A few weeks ago, we commented here on the announcement of the iPad edition of Minecraft: Education Edition, special version of the very popular construction game aimed at schools and the application of educational content. Now, the software is in fact reaching App Stores all over the world.

The official Apple profile dedicated to education on Twitter celebrated the good news:

Minecraft: Education Edition is now available on the @AppStore. Download #MinecraftEdu for #iPad and start watching tutorials and lessons for primary and secondary education now.

The iPad is the third platform to receive educational software, which has already been made available by Mojang (Minecraft developer and Microsoft subsidiary) for Windows 10 and macOS. As we already said, the idea of ??the app is to adapt the game mechanics that became a phenomenon around the world for a school environment, giving teachers control over the map of the universe and allowing the creation of digital learning environments, with assignment of tasks, guidelines and activities.

Schools with Microsoft 365 student licenses already have unlimited access to Minecraft: Education Edition, and I have a feeling the app will be a hit with popularity with the newer cheaper iPads. Very cool, isn?t it?

Minecraft: Education Edition app icon