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Minecraft Earth will use augmented reality to bring the blocks to the real world.

Minecraft a phenomenon rarely seen in the gaming world, Mojang, the developer who created the game, was acquired by weight of gold by Microsoft a few years ago. Now the building block spree is taking its most significant step and reaching the real world in a way, of course.

Microsoft today announced the newest franchise title, called Minecraft earth. As you might have imagined, the game takes advantage of the augmented reality skills of mobile devices (on iOS and Android) to bring Minecraft's buildings and worlds to real-world scenarios, enabling player collaboration and territory disputes.

In the most basic experience, players will be able to construct “miniature” buildings and scenery on a table or surface and place them to life size somewhere in the world. Microsoft points out that Minecraft Earth is built on the same basis as the original game, so players will have access to the same types of blocks, elements and features they are already familiar with.

Going beyond the adventure, it will be possible to travel around the city to find creatures, collect resources and create items; At some points on the map, “adventures” will be available that will give augmented reality challenges to players (both alone and in groups) in exchange for prizes and bonuses within the universe. It will also be necessary to escape the villains, which threaten the integrity of the buildings and the health of the characters.

Check out a joke trailer:

Minecraft Earth is available for now, in closed testing for registered players you can request an invite on this page as long as you have a device running iOS 10 or higher (or Android 7.0 or higher). The game will reach the general public in the summer of the northern hemisphere, which will begin next month.

Amazing, isn't it?

via TechCrunch