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Mijia Microwave Oven Xiaomi's new inexpensive connected microwave

THE Xiaomi Just launched yet another connected home product in China through its subsidiary brand, Mijia. THE Mijia Microwave Oven It is a small microwave with a very competitive price, which arrives in August with a minimalist design and some functions to use with an application on your mobile.

The new appliance has 20L of capacity and was announced by 399 yuan, what d about R $ 219 at the current quotation, in direct conversion. It has 2.4GHz 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and can be controlled by a mobile app or be synchronized with smart speakers of the house, to be controlled by voice, even being in another room.

The Mijia Microwave Oven offers a total of 26 modes of operation taking advantage of the fact that it can be controlled by the application for easy access to these functions. There is a quick warm-up mode, three different defrost options, a "sterilize" mode, eleven preset recipes and new user-definable modes. For those who want to use these functions directly in the microwave, there are two dial buttons to adjust power and time, plus two touch buttons to choose between heating settings.

The microwave has an approximate weight of 12.1 Kg and a frequency of up to 2450 MHz. Of course it is still necessary to bring the food to it to use it, which makes its remote control functions a bit unnecessary, but so are the appliances. from the internet of things.


Model promises autonomy of up to 30km, besides being compatible with Mi Home

Xiaomi has a multitude of Mijia products, in various segments, always focusing on technology and connected products. Most of them do not leave China, so it is difficult to predict if Mijia Microwave Oven will reach other markets. The company, however, brought its electric scooter upon its arrival in Brazil, the Mi scooterSo the brand fans may still have hope of one day buying some of their appliances here, who knows.

Picture credits: SINA

Source: GizmoChina