Nokia X2 com Android

Microsoft's first Nokia with Android came out

Looks like Nokia but Microsoft, looks like Windows but Android

Man, really, that reminds me of that episode of Chaves with the refreshments, you know which one? Anyway now we have one more device available on the market.

Nokia X2 with Android

Despite the face of Windows Phone Nokia X2 carries Android with the modified interface with a

Snapdragon 1.2GHz dual-core processor with 1GB RAMte and 4GB internal storage.

Despite coming with Android, Microsoft has not left traces of Google Apps on the device, from map application to Play Store, the phone has a store with its own address but compatible with Android APKs, which just makes the smartphone more interesting.

Outside Brazil the device sold for less than $ 300.00, which is a great value, however there is no forecast until it is released in our country.