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Microsoft would be preparing ZunePhone with NVIDIA Tegra

O The Inquirer said yesterday that Microsoft would be working (yes, again) on a cell phone would it be the long-awaited ZunePhone? , probably scheduled for presentation in February, in Barcelona, ​​during the Mobile World Congress (3GSM).

To compete with the iPhone which, every day, decreases the market share of Windows Mobile, Microsoft would have partnered with NVIDIA to incorporate the Tegra platform, a set of chips designed to increase the graphics performance on mobile devices, on your device. And that would be why you don't hear about Tegra working with the Linux system.

By incorporating Tegra in its mobile phone, the Redmond giant will guarantee support for 720 pixel video playback, advanced 3D visuals, support for 12 megapixel cameras, 10 hours of playback HD video and more than 100 hours of audio.

So far, Microsoft has tried unsuccessfully to diminish the success of the iPod with its player, the Zune. Will she be able to face the iPhone with her supposed ZunePhone in conjunction with Windows Mobile 7?