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Microsoft will disguise Android from Windows Phone for use on new Nokia devices

Microsoft will start selling Android in partnership with Nokia

Nokia's new smartphones look like WP8 but only Androids

After Microsoft bought Nokia hoping to see some Nokia device running the acclaimed Android it seemed to have gone into space, but a turnaround happened.

Microsoft, which has been struggling for a long time to gain mobile space, has decided to give in to Android, and now Nokia should launch 3 models with Google's Linux-based operating system.

Nokia with Android

Even giving the arm to cheer for Android Microsoft intends to use the system with caution not to get in the hands of Montain View Giant , the Nokia smartphone produced by Microsoft with Android should be very different from the Androids we know today, and will be nothing like the systems that equip Samgung Smartphones for example.

Microsoft's idea of ​​using Android's manageability to make a Windows Phone 8-like interface with its "Tails", which are the animated comics, plus the system wouldn't use the popular Google Play app store, it would use A store of its own, even with that Microsoft guarantees thousands of applications, unlike with WP8. If you think about it, it would be possible after all to "copy" the Google store because all Android APKs would be compatible.

To better illustrate the idea see the video below:

The new smartphones would be part of the "Nokia X" line and be an experience according to Microsoft itself that still steps in this market a little "false".


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