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Microsoft uses Linux on Bing servers

Bing servers use Linux, what do you mean?

Microsoft uses Linux on some servers of its search engine.

This is a bit curious fact that I decided to share with you, yesterday was reading about Microsoft paying users to use Bing as search engine on Android (yes that's right, I won't go into details), and I found this here that you I present now.

Information obtained through the NetCraft Toolbar tool indicates that Microsoft uses Linux on some of its servers, including the Bing search server.

The table shows a lot of other information and I'm not surprised that Linux is used on large servers, the curious thing is really that the creator in Windows Server does not use it in all its stations.

To see how the IP reported on top of Bing, such as the second tag I made, visit his address and see where it leads.

Well, see you next time, comment!

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