Microsoft To-Do Wins Native MacOS App Now Available on the App Store

Microsoft To-Do Wins Native MacOS App Now Available on the App Store

No one would say, there is a thing of a decade, that eventually the Microsoft would be one of Apple's largest app development partners and would enthusiastically embrace the App Store. But here we are: today, the Redmond giant has launched a native version of its task app To-do for macOS, and has already made it available in the system app store.

Microsoft To Do app icon

To-Do for Mac has many similarities to Apple's Reminders (and the late Wunderlist, which it replaced), but with some cards up its sleeve. Here is a simple list of reminders that can be broken down into tasks and categories (such as “Shopping”, “Work” or “School” you create your themes); You can schedule tasks in order of priority and have a view of your day, where the app will show you what you have scheduled for the next few hours.

As a Microsoft app, you have, of course, access to the entire company ecosystem to enhance the in-app experience: you can sync your reminders with Outlook, share tasks and contact lists, attach files and photos to tasks by OneDrive and more.

In fact, To-Do for macOS is not so different from the browser version or iOS app, available since 2017, it only takes more advantage of the larger screen of Apple computers and has the benefit of running better, as a native app should. to be. Contrary to what one might think, however, Microsoft is not (yet) using the Project Catalyst tools to unify iOS and macOS apps.

The app is available for free from the Mac App Store.

via 9to5Mac