Microsoft temporarily suspends Windows 10 update on older Macs

Microsoft temporarily suspends Windows 10 update on older Macs

Users of Boot campattention: if your Mac a model before 2012 or if you are running an older version of the utility, you are likely to have trouble updating Windows 10 on your machine at least for now.

Windows 10 Error While Trying to Upgrade System on Old Macs in Boot Camp

It explains: the update Windows 10 1903 has been temporarily blocked by Microsoft from being applied to older Macs or running outdated versions of Boot Camp. When trying to do so, the user bumps into an error message stating that “your computer has a driver or service that is not ready for this version of Windows 10 ″.

Microsoft has not given much details about the cause of the suspension, but states that the problem is related to the driver MacHALDriver.sys, which acts as a layer of compatibility between Windows and Mac hardware. The company said that for machine owners of 2012 or newer, a simple Boot Camp update can solve the problem and the Windows update will continue as normal.

Those with older Macs, however, will have to wait: Microsoft is working on a solution and estimates that they will fix the problem by the end of the month.

via MacRumors