Microsoft shows its Edge browser running on macOS [atualizado 2x: versões de teste disponíveis para download]

Microsoft recently reported that your browser Edge would be renewed with the engine that after a long time the company would offer its browser for macOS. Although the company did not set dates or anything close to it, today it shared a small teaser Edge running on Apple's desktop operating system.

O teaser the video appears at the end.

The "breakthrough" was made during Build 2019, the company's developer conference. In it, Microsoft showed more details of Edge on Windows and the browser look for Mac.

To The verge, it seems that users will be able to get their hands on Edge's Canary and Dev versions very soon (on both Windows and macOS).

Still according to the site, the implementation of Chromium on Edge showed good performance and reliability improvements on Windows. The question is whether we will see similar improvements in macOS. Regardless, those who choose the browser will have some Microsoft services / integrations (collections, privacy features, Internet Explorer mode, compatibility with extensions and more) as differentials.

Edge will be Microsoft's first browser for Macs since Internet Explorer received its last update nearly 16 years ago. For those not using Macs at the time, Internet Explorer was the standard browser on Apple computers between 1998 and 2003; In 2003, Apple released Mac OS X Panther with Safari, which has since browser system official.

via MacRumors

Update by Rafael Fischmann 5/7/2019 10:46 AM

Canary Version (alpha) from Microsoft Edge for macOS is now available for download from the link above. Obviously, this is still a build very preliminary; From here until the official launch, we still have to wait a few months.

Update II by Rafael Fischmann 5/7/2019 11:03 AM

Oops, you can actually download a Dev version too (beta):

Do not worry; links point directly to Microsoft servers.

via The Verge