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Microsoft promises 90-second updates on the new Windows 10X

Microsoft has been revealing more details about Windows 10X. The operating system, specifically designed to work on equipment with two screens, was developed with speed in mind and was aligned with this axis that the technology revealed that this new variant can be updated in just 90 seconds. In practice, the software will download updates and activate them automatically when the device is restarted.

This is a different methodology than the one we are used to seeing on Windows 10 devices, since they take several minutes to complete an update, even when they include cutting-edge technical specifications. Currently, the devices download an update, install it and then require a restart of the machine so that it can be properly applied.

In Windows 10X, the operating system, applications and drivers will all be operated separately to allow for a faster update of the OS, which does not have to imply changes in the other elements of the software.

Microsoft has developed a containment technology for traditional win32 apps that can work on devices like the Surface Neo, which means that they cannot interfere with data or files on the system itself.

Many of the devices with two screens that will appear with the new Windows 10X will integrate Intel Lakefield chips. Many details about these processors are not yet known, but Microsoft has announced that this new model will integrate small and large cores to allow more efficient battery management. This means that a more robust application can run on the larger cores, while a lighter app may require only the activity of the smallest ones to save energy.