Computer running Windows 10 S

Microsoft presents the “closed” Windows 10 S and the new / beautiful Surface Laptop

Who saw you, who sees you, Microsoft: the once wicked giant of the computer world has gone back to its origins, relearned to be cool, to launch interesting products and even to go back on decisions that even, say, five years ago, seemed set in stone as the company’s commandments. Want proof?

For I give you two, both coming from the event held by Satya Nadella and her gang this morning in New York.

Windows 10 S

It was him I was referring to when I spoke of the commandments carved in stone. Do you know that Windows image that you (probably) have of a system absolutely exposed to any threat, open to any source – well intentioned or not – of the internet and always one step away from becoming infested with malware? Well, Microsoft is looking to change that impression with this new version of Windows 10.

Computer running Windows 10 S

It is essentially the same Windows 10 as always – closed, however, to any source that does not come from the app store itself to the system. If you want to call it “Microsoft’s iOS”, I won’t scold you – although, remember, we’re still talking about a complete operating system, with a plethora of programs and mouse support; at this point, it’s clear that its main competitor is actually Chrome OS and the increasingly popular Chromebooks.

Microsoft’s focus with Windows 10 S is students and casual users, who don’t need to use specialized software or don’t want to install games from external sources. The burdens and bonuses are clear: if, on the one hand, Windows’ almost infinite flexibility is lost, on the other, the security gain is basically total, since we are talking about an essentially closed system that is immune to external threats.

In addition, Windows 10 S is significantly faster, as it runs all applications on sandbox and present a renewed focus on resource management – that is, if an app is consuming a lot of memory, the system will automatically put it to sleep immediately to optimize the functioning of everything. All of this, of course, is considering the fact that this version of the system will be used mainly in educational and low-cost computers; Microsoft says there will be machines for the end consumer up to $ 189 with Windows 10 S!

It is worth noting that we are not talking about a new version of Windows RT here – the 10 S runs any Win32 application with ease; it is enough that it is in the Microsoft store. If the user feels the need to switch to traditional Windows 10 at any time, however, the Redmond giant has not stopped thinking about this detail – and making it as easy as possible: just upgrade for $ 49 (the price in Brazil has not yet been released).

Surface Laptop

You would think that, to officially introduce Windows 10 S to the world, Microsoft would produce a low-cost machine to match the cheapest Chromebooks. Well, in case you have thought this, let me say that you are sadly mistaken: the Surface Laptop is the most “traditional” portable computer in Big M so far, but this does not mean that it is not, like its brothers, a beautiful work of cutting edge engineering – with a price to character.

The computer, which weighs a mere 1.25kg and is 1.47 inches thick (that is, almost equal to a 13 ″ MacBook Pro), features a 13.5-inch 3: 2 aspect ratio and 2256 × resolution 1504 pixels – the panel, it is worth noting, brings full support to the Surface Pen, but it is not detachable as in the Surface Book. The machine can be equipped with generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processors Kaby Lake, up to 1TB of solid state storage and up to 16GB of RAM. The battery, according to Microsoft, lasts 14.5 hours (!!!), and, in terms of connectivity, we have a USB 3.0 port (no USB-C, for some reason) and Mini DisplayPort, in addition to the proprietary port Surface Connect.

The entire outer part of the machine is made of aluminum, but the interesting thing appears when the lid is opened: the bottom surface of the computer is covered with Alcântara, a microfiber fabric that keeps characteristics similar to wool and silk – it is the same material that already equips the Type Cover of the Surface Pro. The Surface Laptop comes in four colors – Platinum, Graphite Gold, Burgundy (a shade of wine) and Cobalt Blue – and its starting price is US $ 1,000 (~ R $ 3,100, in direct conversion), with Core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

The Surface Laptop comes, as expected, with Windows 10 S, but Microsoft is including a special offer for early adopters of the machine: its owners will be able to upgrade to traditional Windows 10 for free until the end of the year. , if you like.

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