Microsoft prepares Xbox 360 for new games

(Updated) The name remains, but everything else (or almost everything) is new. Microsoft has just announced a new Xbox 360 console, smaller and thinner than the previous one, with more disk capacity and built-in Wi-Fi.

The price remains the same, guaranteed the person in charge at the press conference of the brand at the E3 fair, and the main novelty is that Microsoft started delivering the first models today to retailers, which means that the console hits stores this week. .

Celebrating 10 years of Xbox, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick does not hide his enthusiasm for the entertainment area, ensuring that this is the biggest year ever on the console, with the connection of games to television and music, as well as the launch of a new way of playing, which leaves behind the ease of interaction that Nintendo’s Wii opened and which was one of the big reasons for its success.



The new Xbox is smaller and thinner, has 250 GB of disk and is already prepared for Wi-Fi connection, as well as to support the new Kinetc control system.

This could be Microsoft’s way of moving from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of market consoles, a desire expressed at this conference.

After the start of commercialization this week in the United States, the new console should arrive in European stores on July 16 and will cost 259.9 euros.

Editor’s Note (2): The news was updated with the console’s arrival date in Europe, meanwhile confirmed and the price.