Microsoft prepares mobile phones “dedicated” to social networks?

Microsoft is preparing to launch a new line of smartphones aimed at users of social networks and the younger audience, several international media advance.

Although the information on the matter is not entirely consensual, it is expected that the project, codenamed “Pink”, will be presented next Monday, April 12th, the date for which several media will have received an invitation for a “mystery” press conference with the following message: “it’s time to share”.

According to The Wall Street Journal – which cites a source close to the company – this is a new line of phones, which should reach stores (North American) at the end of the month, where the Redmont giant will have been involved not only in the development of software and web-based services for the phone but also in terms of the design of the phone itself hardware of devices, manufactured by Sharp.

AC | Net also claims to have obtained confirmation that it is concerned with the launch of two pieces of equipment that start to be marketed “in the month following the presentation” (of April 12th) and received the designation of Pure and Turtle – both models slide, with touch screen but with keyboard.

The same source says that the devices, which run a version of Windows Mobile, have several social media features and also integrate the music service of Microsoft’s multimedia player, Zune.

Techtree guarantees that the new devices are not smartphones dedicated to intensive users, but mobile phones for the mass market.

As far as is known to date, the new phones will be available only in the United States, through a partnership between Microsoft and Verizon Wireless, a company owned by operators Verizon Communications Inc. and Vodafone.

Allegedly, the project has been developed since 2008 and the new rumors confirm the forecasts of blogs like Gizmodo, which in the middle of last year started to present the images of Pure and Turtle that we reproduce below.

Even before the launch of Microsoft, news from the world of telecommunications are expected with the presentation of the new operating system for the Apple iPhone, whose version 4.0 will be shown next Thursday, the 8th.

Turtle and Pink.  Gizmodo photography
Turtle and Pink.  Gizmodo photography