Microsoft plans to bring Windows Phone virtual keyboard to iOS [atualizado]

Microsoft plans to bring Windows Phone virtual keyboard to iOS [atualizado]

THE Microsoft not only sells smartphones but also develops its own mobile operating system. But that doesn't stop it from being one of the ones that creates iOS apps the most. Recently she did something surprising (at least in my opinion) and made Cortana (Windows virtual assistant and one of the great differentials of her OS) available for iPhone users.

Because the company is not satisfied and, according to an email sent to some participants of the Windows Insider Program (similar to the Apple Beta Software Program), it is looking for owners of iPhones 5s or higher to test the Windows Phone keyboard on iOS.

For those who don't know, the Windows Phone keyboard has a feature (Word Flow, or Flow of words) similar to what we see on the Swipe keyboard, which uses and abuses the highly praised on-screen gestures, say.

Seeing Google as a company that is much more focused on services than Microsoft is launching dozens of iOS apps is quite common; but to see that the company led by Satya Nadella is also betting on services and multiplatform apps is pretty cool.

(tip from Rafaela Esteban; via Windows Central)

Update by Rafael Fischmann · 25/01/2016 s 21:03

It's the The Verge today showed a really cool feature that comes on this keyboard from Microsoft:

Microsoft keyboard tilted on iOS

In this mode, which can be tilted to the right or left (for right-handed or left-handed users), the user can type using only one hand and even just slide his finger over the keys.

Not even the Windows 10 keyboard has this mode, yet. 😳