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Microsoft Officially Releases Visual Studio Code Snap

Microsoft and Canonical have teamed up to bring VS Code officially in Snap format.

One more Microsoft program has officially arrived for Linux through Snap packaging. On April 4, 2019, Microsoft and Canonical joined efforts to bring the snap of VS Code officially to the world Linux.

  Microsoft Officially Launches Visual Studio Code Snap You must be wondering, U, but did not exist the program via Snap l in the app store?. So little grasshopper, yes there was already a VS Code snap package, but it was independently maintained by a community dev, but unfortunately it didn't have the updates and enhancements officially coming from Microsoft. Now there is no more this perrengue.

The news gained prominence on the app's official Twitter (and fixed tweet), with the announcement of the new format, as you can see in the print below.

Now the snap format merges with the other official formats that distribute VS Code, which is just .deb; .rpm and .tar.gz (both 32 and 64 bits). The format via snap s has a 64-bit version. To download in other formats, simply visit this link and search for the packaging supported by your distro. If you prefer to install via Snap, you will first need to have snap enabled in your district if it is not already. If you need to, we have these two tutorials on how to do this.

Having done this system preparation, we will install the VS Code snap. The procedure is very simple and uncomplicated.

If you're on Ubuntu, you can install it directly from the App Store, just look for visual studio code or vs code and do the installation procedure.

If you are not, simply open the terminal and type or paste the following command and wait for the installation procedure to finish:

sudo snap install code –classic

That done, just look for Visual Studio Code in your distro menu and start using the program.

Tell us in the comments if you already use VS Code and if you liked the news or if it is the first time using the Microsoft editor.

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