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Microsoft Office surrenders to ODF

Microsoft Office 2013 come with ODF support

This was the news that surprised me most today. Microsoft with its Office, the most widely used office suite in the world that has always been taken as the format standard now adheres to the open ODF format in the upcoming release of MSOffice 2013 that will be released soon to keep up with the latest in Windows 8.

Following is Microsoft's own note:

"In the next version of Office, we added support for two additional formats: Document Format Strict Open XML and ODF (Open) 1.2. We also added support for opening and editing PDF documents in Word and saved in any supported format. By adding support for these standardized document formats, Microsoft Office 2013 gives users more options for office document interoperability.Without your preferred file document format, the new Microsoft Office gives you more options for sharing, collaboration and filing office documents. "

In my opinion this is excellent news because we know that although LibreOffice supports Microsoft formats there are still some common bugs that sometimes hinder the rhythm of production, especially if the same file is edited several times on computers with different Office suites.

And what do you think about all this? Linux has been crashing more and more every day!

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