Microsoft may be preparing its own tablet, pending Apple's 2010

Microsoft may be preparing its own tablet, pending Apple's 2010

If the rumors are true, Microsoft would not be working "only" on two competitors for the iPhone, but also on a tablet with its brand. The rumor, released yesterday by ZDNet, further heats up this speculation industry, which has been around the Apple name for a long time.

Microsoft's J AllardAccording to the publication, J Allard, chief executive of experiences and technologies at Microsoft, would be leading the development of the product, which would involve members of the team working at Surface. Initially, the project would have been referred to inside by the codename Oahu, but the initiative appears to be part of something known as Alchemy Ventures.

In addition, nothing else has been commented on the product specifications, release date, prices … it is possible for such a tablet to receive the Microsoft brand (such as the Xbox and the Zune), but there is also the possibility of it licensing the project to other manufacturers . Who knows, if things are hot, we will see an announcement of the kind being made at CES 2010, in January.

In a related note, the PC World today added more fuel to the fire about iTablet, stating that Steve Jobs is actively and personally working on the product, which is expected to hit the market next year. The site is also betting on a new version of Apple TV soon (maybe 500GB or even 1TB), thanks to the price reduction of the 160GB model, carried out a week ago.

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