A Microsoft pode anunciar a segunda versão do HoloLens dia 24 de fevereiro durante o MWC19

Microsoft may announce HoloLens second release on February 24th during MWC19

THE Microsoft started to announce a new invitation, which will be presented during the MWC19 (Mobile World Congress). While not specifying what to show, the guest list contains Alex Kipman, creator of Holo Lens, which may indicate that the official announcement of HoloLens 2 may be next.

In addition to Kipman, the event will be hosted by important names from Microsoft, such as CEO Satya Nadella,and the CVP Julia White. HoloLens can only be presented as well as officially released, yet there is no way of knowing, since Microsoft is still keeping it a secret.

The HoloLens One virtual reality glasses developed by Microsoft. Its first verse hit the market in 2015 and brought the news of holograms for the augmented reality experience, with the interpretation of voices and gestures. It is widely used for games, although the company describes it as a "holographic computer".

What is already known about the news of the second generation HoloLens is that it will be equipped with the chipset from Qualcomm 850 or XR1, which was designed for virtual reality headsets. It supports 4K video at 60 frames per second, directional audio and 3D overlays. The headset will be more comfortable than the first version and Microsoft has confirmed that it will be equipped with a custom Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chip.

The announcement will happen during the day February, 24 in Barcelona, at MWC19. More information about HoloLens news should be revealed during the event.

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