Microsoft map shows the progress of the COVID-19 coronavirus around the world live

Map created by Microsoft and Bing show in real time the number of people infected with the coronavirus COVID-19 in the world

Large companies have taken significant steps to combat the pandemic of COVID-19 coronavirus in the world, especially with information.

THE Microsoft, for example, developed an interactive map of the Bing, which provides the number of cases of infected people, the number of people cured and fatal cases, in all countries.

The coronavirus map COVID-19 of Bing similar to the tracker created by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, which presents with numbers the situation of each country affected with the COVID-19 and updated in real time.

COVID-19 coronavirus map in real timel

Bing map on coronavirus advancement Bing map on coronavirus advancement

The platform Microsoft it also concentrates useful information, such as news and videos.

In the left corner of the screen, you can select and click on a country to find all related news.

THE Microsoft claims that its tracker data worldwide is collected from various sources, such as the WHO – World Health Organization, CDC – United States Disease Control and Prevention, of European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and also Wikipedia.

All information presented is tracked minute by minute by the Bing.

Another relevant function on the Bing present the situation (number of confirmed, cured and fatal cases) in each state.

However, this option is available exclusively to the United States.

Thus, you can view news and numbers of infected in New York, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, among others.

Number of cases in the world according to Bing

Number of cases in the world according to BingThere are more than 250 thousand confirmed cases of COVID-19

According to the tool, as of 09h this Friday (20), the world was registering 250,650 confirmed cases of the new COVID-19 coronavirus.

Of this total, 88,450 were recovered and more than ten thousand are considered fatal.

The country with the highest record remains China, with 80,967 infected and 71,150 people cured.

After the Asian country, appear: Italy, Spain, Iran, Germany, United States, France, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, respectively.

Brazil appears just below Australia and Israel, with 647 confirmed cases.

According to the Bing, the South American country records two recoveries and seven deaths.

Measures to contain the pandemic

One way to avoid spreading the virus around the world is to adopt quarantine.

In many countries, authorities are asking the population not to leave home, so it is possible to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus and also not to overload the health system.

Large companies have stimulated this campaign by releasing free content and encouraging home office (home office, in free translation).

As stated earlier, other organizations are helping with information.

the case of Whatsapp, which has created a reliable information hub to prevent the spread of false news on its platform.

Source: Bing; The Verge.

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