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Microsoft makes fun of Apple in commercial with "Mac Book"

The advertising world is something that really crosses the subjective limits of competition and makes one company poke the other publicly often with a lot of humor. That's exactly what Apple was doing with the series commercials. Get a Mac, launched in the 2000s as well as almost every other technology giants, who live to compare their products with those of other manufacturers.

Now Microsoft has launched a new marketing campaign featuring a man named Mackenzie Book (read: “Mac Book,” a pun on the name of Ma's notebook) explaining why the Surface Laptop 2 better than MacBook Pro, in your "humble" opinion.

Like many commercials today, the 30-second video triggers a question-and-answer session between storytelling and the "Mac Book," with every Microsoft notebook obviously getting the best.

The questions involve which notebook lasts the longest, which one is faster and which has the best touch screen (making fun of Apple once again, as Ma's line of laptops has no touchscreen).

The commercial ends with “Mac Book” giving its final recommendation, without losing the opportunity to use the pun one last time: “You must buy a Surface. Trust me, I'm Mac Book. ”

each one 😛

via iClarified