Microsoft announces the end of Skype Qik

Microsoft launches Skype Qik, new multiplatform app for communicating with short videos

Qik was acquired by Skype in January 2011, a few months before Skype was purchased by Microsoft. Now, years later, a new product emerges from this cake.

the application Skype Qik.

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It is a new app for quick communication between users (individually or in groups), with videos of up to 42 seconds. The cool thing is that, in this release, it is already available not only on the App Store, but also on Google Play (Android) and Windows Phone Apps + Games.

Skype Qik does not use traditional Skype accounts, working similarly to WhatsApp Messenger (by your phone number). Videos sent by him "expire" after two weeks and it is also possible, through the app, to record generic 5-second "GIFs" (so-called "Qik Fliks") for you to send as quick responses at times when you cannot record new videos.

Watch two promotional videos:

Will he “get it”?