Microsoft lança o novo Terminal do Windows, com integrações com Command Prompt, PowerShell, e WSL

Microsoft Launches New Windows Terminal, with Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL Integrations

The new Windows Terminal is coming up with a makeover and new features, plus a marketing video just for him.

In another announcement made at its developer conference, Build 2019, Microsoft announced the complete overhaul of its terminal. The main news is that you can use Command Prompt, PowerShell and WSL in one place. The announcement is also featured on the official Microsoft blog.  Microsoft launches new Windows Terminal, with Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL integrations The new Windows terminal will be called Windows Terminal (not very creative) and will now have the possibility to open multiple tabs, as we will now in the Linux distros terminals, but in the case of Windows, a different function can be used on each tab, like Command Prompt, PowerShell and a third tab you can open the Ubuntu terminal via WSL. So working with the three tools in one place.

Interestingly enough, Microsoft made a 50-second promotional video to publicize this new version of Terminal. So much so that he drew the attention of Alan Pope, one of the Canonical devs working on the Snaps side, who made the following comment:

I had never seen a marketing video for a terminal before. And did not expect that Microsoft would do one and so well done

The comment was made on both Microsoft video and Twitter.

Something that we are always pointing out here at Diolinux is the lack of marketing on Linux, of course on the server side systems like Suse Linux have a great catch with their jokes, but marketing goes beyond. Interestingly, the terminal that has always been labeled as something untouchable and retrograde gets MS attention with this promotional video. Will we finally be seeing the end of a taboo, using the terminal? Noticeably the announcement focused on the developers (and that was also the purpose of the conference). However, a few years ago it was not expected that such a video headed by Microsoft, it was not until that Alan Pope and many were surprised.

Of course, a terminal is just a terminal, but that doesn't mean it needs to be ugly or unpleasant to use, this version of Microsoft's terminal reminds me a bit of the Deepin terminal, mixing concepts from KDE and GNOME terminal, too. The end result turned out to be eye-popping.

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