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Microsoft is studying the creation of modular controls for smartphones and tablets.

As the trend of gamer smartphones becomes popular, so will the number of options to make any device better for gaming. And the giant Microsoft may end up being one of the companies in this "wave" now that it has been shown that its developers are working with a concept of a modular control in the style of Xbox one, but made for mobile devices.

As you can see in the screenshots, the conceptual gadget works as if an Xbox One controller is reduced and disassembled, giving the player the option to use only one side or both and even undock the palm rest, which can leave The accessory is even smaller and more portable.

Another very interesting feature is a "mini dock" that seems inspired by the Nintendo Switch Besides serving to recharge the gadgets, with it would be possible to fit the two halves of the control and its palm rests, forming a control in a more traditional format that can be used with your device on the table or some support.

Recalling that these images are part of a document proposing a product concept, that is, we are somewhat far from Microsoft really choose to manufacture the product. But don't forget to comment if you would like to see this modular control come true in the future!

Via: GSMArena Source: Microsoft