Microsoft apresenta Surface Neo e Surface Duo, laptop e smartphone Android com tela dupla

Microsoft introduces Surface Neo and Surface Duo, dual-screen Android laptop and smartphone

The event of Microsoft in New York happened yesterday, day 2, and two of the big highlights were the new Surface Neo and Neo Duo. The first presented as a dual screen laptop very similar to two tablets joined by 360 hinges. The second does not run away from that much, but is about the size of a dual-screen smartphone.

Surface Neo


Company also launched its new Surface Slim Pen

The laptop is still a product under development, but Microsoft has already shown some of its tricks. He has two 9 inch screens it is a magnetic keyboard attached to its back allowing the user to choose between using a physical or on-screen keyboard. If the first option is chosen, the rest of one of the screens becomes what is called a Wonderbar. There may be apps, a Youtube video, or gifs / emojis from a messaging app, and Microsoft says it is working with Netflix and Spotify to make better use of this area.

You can also drag the keyboard up and turn the leftover area into a trackpad (in this case without the ability to click). The software automatically recognizes position changes.

It is equipped with a Intel's Lakefield processor and rotate the Windows 10X, that a simplified version of Windows 10, but can run legacy programs (not just Windows applications, as in previous company attempts).

Another feature that has been shown is called Spanning, which allows you to drag the open application onto one of the screens so that it fills both screens. This allows the person to use the screens horizontally as pages of a book, or vertically with the keyboard connected. There is still the third option: use only one of the screens with the new Surface Slim Pen.

Surface Duo

Surface Duo runs Android one first to Microsoft.

Surface Duo is very similar to the Neo laptop, but it brings 5.6 inch screens which together deliver an 8.3 inch display. The prototype presented has a Snapdragon 855, but the Gizmochina There is no doubt that this SoC will be maintained until launch.

The device runs the operating system AndroidIt's big news for Microsoft, and the issue of rear-camera positioning (or existence) is still a mystery.

Both Surface Neo and Neo Duo should be officially launched on the global market. at the end of 2020.

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