Microsoft Edge will arrive at macOS in January, already fully renovated

It's been almost a year since we first talked about the plans of the Microsoft to completely renew your browser Edge: The browser would get a new rendering engine (Google Chrome's Chromium), a new look, more developer access options, and a breakthrough version for that. macOS.

From then on, the Redmond giant opened an Edge preview for macOS, first for developers and later for regular users; then came the beta version. Now we have more details on how we will take the last steps of this renovation plan.

According to The verge, Microsoft is planning to release the new version of Edge on the day January 15th, already on all platforms that the browser is present: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and of course macOS.

To accompany the announcement, a Release Candidate (software version with potential to become the end product, equivalent to Golden master Apple) of the new browser already has several features that will be present in its definitive launch. Among them, it is possible to access functionalities such as data protection. tracking and sync bookmarks, history, passwords, and settings between Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.

As part of the “new Edge” appeal to business users, there are also new browser search features. You can combine the browser with the company intranet so that elements such as colleague information, location and office plans, or company acronym definitions can be found quickly.

We also have a completely new logo that says goodbye to the latest influences of the nefarious Internet Explorer on the foundations of the new browser:

Microsoft Edge

The RC version of the new Edge can now be downloaded from its official website. What are you thinking?