Microsoft develops official Outlook app for Android and is widely criticized.

Meet the recently released and hated official Outlook app for Android

Why is Microsoft doing such shit?

I recently received an Email from my "repository of signups on minor sites," aka Microsoft Hotmail Outlook notifying me that there is now an official Outlook Android app with a Google Play link. Outlook logo

So I decided to test this application, it is slow as hell and does the basics, that is, to read the emails, but the Windows 8 Like interface that they tried to apply left the App a bit confusing, it was quite common to stop, I scratch my head and ask, “But where am I?” Something is always expected from an official App, and you don't think I'm just the one I like about Microsoft, tl on Google Play the average rating Outlook for Android, note 2.2. Check out some comments from users:


Well, I found him so confused and I received an email from myself unintentionally, that is, I sent myself an email without realizing …

If you do not believe it, download it and see with your own eyes.

See you!

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