Microsoft Linux

Microsoft develops its own Linux distribution

The Redmond Giant has developed its own Linux distribution.

Microsoft has revealed something that has left a lot of mouths open, the company has just revealed that it has created its own Linux distribution for use on the company's Azure servers.

Microsoft Linux

Microsoft has developed its own Linux distro

Just to receive the most WTF news of recent months, Microsoft has created its own Linux distro, that's right, you can read the headline again if you didn't believe your eyes.

Microsoft Linux was developed with Microsoft Azure servers in mind, a cloud computing platform maintained by Microsoft, their description of the system is as follows:

"A cross-platform modular operating system for data center networking built on Linux" is "our role in building our own software for running network devices such as switches."

"At Microsoft, we believe that there are many excellent hardware platforms available in the market, the idea being to have healthy competition with other platforms to speed up and reduce costs."

Commented Kamala Subramanian, chief architect of Azure technology, the distribution is called Azure Cloud SwitchShe further states that a platform built in this way allows a higher speed in differentiated hardware, there is also a faster speed in correcting any problems.

While revealing that Microsoft is now using Linux, no explanation was given for why, but it shows that Satya Nadella's new direction as CEO has drastically changed the concept of technology use by the company, something that would have been unthinkable for some time. Back now it becomes true, Microsoft prefers to open Windows in some sectors to have a higher quality product.


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