Microsoft creates switch program package that runs on Debian

This week we even commented on the size of MS SQL Server for Linux by the company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, but Microsoft is still surprising, perhaps more Linux users than Windows.

This week we commented on the size of MS SQL Server for Linux by the company founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, but Microsoft continues to surprise, perhaps Linux users more than Windows. Debian-based Linux distro from Microsoft

Leaving ideological differences aside, Microsoft once again embraces Linux as a viable solution. The new thing that once again caught people, especially Linux and Windows fanboys, by surprise was the release of SONiC, a package of switch programs running on Debian today.

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SONiC stands for "Software for Open Networking in the Cloud" and should not be sold directly to customers, at least for now, but will be part of the company's background and services. You can find more information about the system. on the Microsoft Azure blog. Who wants to see the project more closely can consult the code and download the SONiC directly in the project's GitHub. Just a warning to those who are more lay on the subject, there was this confusion too when Microsoft launched ACS last year, did people think the company was creating a desktop product like Windows, which wasn't true, just like SONiC, it's a system for network switches, not for your traditional computer, understood? 🙂

Microsoft, which once saw Linux as its enemy, today has it as one of its biggest allies, what do you think about this change in the company's behavior?

Additional Payments (Update 13:23 – 10/03/16) The Debian Brazil community on Facebook has published about it further explaining the project, implying that it is not exactly a new Debian based distro, but a service that runs on it, but explanations You find it here. SONiC is a toolkit that runs on Debian, Microsoft has a bundled version of the system, which makes it a Debian-based Linux distro already with the tools installed (look at Microsoft's "refisefuqui"), the company also commented that in the future SONiC could base another Linux distro.

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