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Microsoft briefly overtakes Apple as the most valuable US company

Shareholders, enthusiasts, the technological press and those interested in general are following closely the sudden fall of Apple's shares, which, as we have already seen, is not an isolated phenomenon.

Apple's stock price: all about the iPhone. And, apparently, also the price of oil.

No one still knows where all this is going, but one thing is certain: today, for a brief period, Ma lost the position of the most valuable company in the USA to none other than her ex-archrival.

The overtaking took place around noon in the summer time in Braslia, when the Microsoft, high, reached $ 812 billion in market value; at that time, Ma, down, was slightly below the giant of Redmond, with a market cap of about $ 811 billion. the first time this has happened since Apple overtook its rival in the metropolis in 2010.

Apple surpassed Microsoft a few minutes later and, after the NASDAQ closes, it is worth about $ 828 billion, compared to its competitor's $ 817 billion. If the trends of both companies continue in the coming weeks, however, it is very likely that the company founded by Uncle Bill will definitely become the Cupertino giant in market value at least until the second order.

Apple and Microsoft Aces

The curious moment: as we said, most American technology companies have seen their stocks plummet over the past two months, especially October, which is already being called "red October". Apple suffered the most, with rumors of growing lack of interest in iPhones by the public and the announcement that the company would no longer disclose specific sales figures for iPhones, iPads and Macs at its financial results conferences.

Microsoft, for its part, is going through the storm and is in fact the only technological giant to grow in the period according to analysts, due to a growth in PC sales, a strengthening in the company's cloud infrastructure and its strong relationships with the corporate market.

Are we seeing a new era of domination of Big M Get closer? Let us wait for the scenes in the next chapters.

via MacRumors