Microsoft announces new Surface Pro with built-in news and improved pen; Huawei presents its Mac, say, MateBooks

Microsoft announces new Surface Pro with built-in news and improved pen; Huawei presents its Mac, say, MateBooks

And no one to Microsoft! Exactly three weeks after introducing the newest member of his family of computers, the Surface Laptop as well as a new version of Windows 10, Redmond's giant is already back in the limelight; This time, at an event in Shanghai (China), the goal was to announce a new version of the most popular of its machines: the Surface pro.

The new Surface Pro, which is simply called that, and in “Surface Pro 5”, as expected did not feature major visual changes beyond rounder corners and a slightly thinner body. Microsoft's big proposition here is precisely to refine the user's experience and present a product that completely replaces a laptop; Incidentally, with this version, the company is ceasing to refer to the Surface Pro as a "two-in-one", treating it as the real portable computer that it is.

New Surface Pro

Internal changes begin with a new selection of Intel based architecture processors Kaby lake. On the device, the m3 and i5 chips have a fanless design, while the sturdier i7 still come with the cooling device. The battery gained a good 50% upgrade over Surface Pro 4 and, according to Microsoft, 35% more than an iPad Pro, offering up to 13.5 hours longevity.

One of the most celebrated news of the day, however, is the new Surface Pen, which now offers 4,096 pressure levels (up from 1,024 earlier) and a tilt sensor; According to Big M, the new pen is “twice as responsive” as the Apple Pencil, and soon a software update will allow it to work on other Surface devices as well. The new Surface Pro, to keep up with the news, can now be laid at an angle of 165, making it a true portable digital design station.

What's more, we're talking about the same old Surface Pro, with a 12.3-inch screen in 3: 2 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2736 × 1834 pixels; Physical connectivity continues in the form of a USB-A port and Mini DisplayPort, as well as the Surface Connect output (we still have a headphone jack and microSD jack).

The new computer starts at $ 800, in a configuration with the Core m3-7Y30 chip, 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. flash; The most expensive model with a Core i7-7660U processor, 16GB of RAM and 1TB of storage costs $ 2,700. The new Surface Pen, which is sold separately for $ 100 a year, is no longer following the machine.

Both will be available on 15/6 in 26 countries, but, as expected, nothing from Brazil. Soon, Microsoft is also promising models of the LTE-enabled computer for a small price increase.

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Staying on the Windows side of the outside, the Huawei today introduced a new line of laptops. “Okay, so what?” You ask me, since you read us faithfully and you know that we don't usually cover all hardware launches across the ocean of operating systems. Our name in Winmagazineafter all. Still.

However, take a look at this:

Huawei MateBook X

No, this is not a bunch of MacBooks running Windows in Boot Camp. In fact, this one of the models of Huawei's new line called Mac MateBook. The handsets fall into three versions MateBook X, the 13.1 inch laptop seen above; MateBook E, a laptop and tablet hybrid; and MateBook D, a 15.6 inch laptop with three colors: Prestige Gold, Space gray and Rose gold. Where have I heard this before?

In introducing the new line, which will start selling in the United States starting next month, Huawei even directly compared its MateBook X with the MacBook, stating that its slimmest option (only 13.1mm versus 12.5mm) ) is more powerful (which is probably true, since the MateBooks already have the latest Intel next-generation processors, while the MacBook is still stuck Friday). An interesting detail of this MateBook X is the tiny border around the screen, making it the smallest 13 inch laptop on the market.

So just to make it clear, I'm by no means suggesting that these aren't really great machines, Huawei has continually proven to be one of the best Android smartphone makers, and it shouldn't be much different in the computer world. But, as the saying goes, chicken soup and a bit of originality never hurt anyone at all?

via Ars Technica, TechCrunch