Microsoft Announces ‚ÄúComplete‚ÄĚ Xbox Live for iOS and Android

We had already commented here, in the last month, on Microsoft's intention to take a more complete experience of Xbox Live, your gaming social network, to other platforms such as iOS. This plan is now properly announced and detailed.

The Redmond giant shared today that it is about to launch a SDK It's allowing iOS and Android game developers to integrate their titles with Xbox Live. This will allow users of these systems to enjoy the many benefits offered by the Microsoft platform, such as friend lists, clubs, achievements, statistics, family settings, and Gamerscore scores.

Developers will be able to choose which parts of this feature set will be integrated into their games, and users can enjoy all the benefits simply by signing in with their Microsoft accounts. The idea is to significantly expand what we have today, only a few Microsoft's own games on iOS / Android offer Xbox Live Achievements, which are species of achievements that go to your Xbox Live account.

So far, there is no news from Microsoft if there is an Xbox Live SDK for the Nintendo Switch as well, as commented by the company itself in February. THE Big mHowever, it said it was "open" for competitors to add Xbox Live functionality to their platforms, including Nintendo and even its archival rival in the gaming world, Sony.


In addition to Xbox Live, Microsoft also aired the first preview of xCloud, your future service of streaming of games which allow users to play Xbox titles on other devices such as iPhones and iPads over the internet we have already talked about the idea here.

XCloud's first testing phase will open to select users by the end of the year and will be part of a larger Microsoft initiative (which also includes the Xbox Live SDK for iOS and Android) called Game stack It is basically a combination of all forms of access, consoles, virtual networks, developer tools, and enterprise operating systems dedicated to the art of video games.

With Game Stack, Microsoft wants to fight once again for the title of unquestionable queen of the gaming world. Did she get it?

via The Verge, AppleInsider