Microsoft and Nokia launch first joint application

Microsoft Communicator Mobile is what is called the first application developed by Microsoft for Nokia mobile phones, a collaborative software for use in smartphones Nokia E-series Symbian, which is available today for download through the Ovi Store.

The solution offers integration with a company’s communications systems to simplify communication and collaborative work between employees, based on Nokia’s mobile platform.

According to the companies in a statement, this is a unified communications client that evaluates the best solution to be used by an employee to communicate with a coworker – instant messaging, email, sms or phone call – depending on the availability of the person he wants to contact.

The “status” can be updated by the employee himself, according to his availability at the moment, and is automatically transmitted to the other users, allowing his collaboration to be required or to join the ongoing conversations, for example.

Microsoft Communicator Mobile

This is the first application resulting from a partnership, announced last August, between the software giant and the telecommunications giant, in an alliance “that aims to bring the Office productivity experience to the millions of users of smartphones Nokia in the world “, says Kirt Debique, General Manager of Microsoft.

Cited in the same document, Nokia vice president Ukko Lapalainen also stresses that the offer “meets all the essential requirements for companies: it has an adequate cost of implementation, it is safe, familiar and reliable”.

Initially, the solution will be available to users of the Nokia E72 and E52, but the companies plan to extend the use to other models from the manufacturer, including the recently introduced E5.