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Microsoft and Google strengthen partnership to improve the ecosystem of Web and Android applications

Considering that the new version of Microsoft's Edge browser was built on the Chromium platform, which shares the same Google Chrome source code, the two technological giants announced a partnership to improve the integration ecosystem of PWA (Progressive Web Apps) applications ) in the Play Store. The PWA applications allow to use in internet browsers several resources available natively in apps for smartphones, whether they are shortcuts to the internet, geolocation, advanced notifications or even the possible use when you do not have an online connection.

The partnership aims to improve the integration of Microsoft's open source tool PWABuilder (which allows developers to create PWA applications and launch them in application stores) with Google's Bubblewrap equivalent.

The main advantage of applications running in a web environment is that they do not need to be accessed in app stores and they are always ready and updated for use.

Microsoft has already revealed two new features for PWA developers, as a result of this new partnership: the creation of a new standard for web shortcuts; and the creation of new features and customization of PWA running on Android devices. Through PWABuilder it will be possible to define the appearance of the Android status bar and the navigation in PWA, change the name of the executable and other tools for developers.

One example given concerns the use of Twitter. The social network now uses web shortcuts that allow access to quick actions, such as creating a new Tweet, accessing notifications or sending private messages, in Edge Canary and Chrome Canary versions.

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