Microsoft advocates use of its AI technology for infrastructure maintenance

THE Microsoft technology giant released new information about its Artificial intelligenceIt also explains the practical utility of tools for maintaining the safety of infrastructure elements such as highways and bridges. To this end, the company has developed a strategy involving drones and security cameras implemented in strategic locations in cities and countries.


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As the site explains NeowinA very common problem in constructions such as highways and bridges is the degradation due to traffic and weather conditions. Generally, the type of fault checking process is usually a rather difficult task. But Microsoft says its technology services have been successfully implemented by several companies, making this work easier.

THE Great Belt Bridge, which connects the islands of Zealand it's from Finia at Denmark It is an example of technology application in the real world. The firm responsible for its maintenance, Sung & Blt, used drones to capture thousands of photos of the bridge. This avoided the need to use manual labor for this task. After that, machine learning algorithms were used to detect if cracks were present and suggested maintenance if faults were detected.

Source: Neowin

"The new solution involves vehicles equipped with 360-degree cameras to record video footage of all angles before they are sent to the Azure cloud, where systems powered by Artificial Intelligence will automatically recognize any causes for concern. These images also capture data. allowing inspectors to accurately trace them to their real-world location, which improves the speed, quality, efficiency and accuracy of these visual road checks. This enables predictive asphalt maintenance while lowering costs. freeing inspectors to focus their expertise where it really needed it. "Microsoft Official Announcement

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