Microsatellites: how many are there, where are they and what do they do? Nanosats.eu responds

By the beginning of 2020, more than 2,500 small satellites had been launched, according to information gathered by Nanosats.eu. But in addition to the launches of Nano and Cubesats – including interplanetary "- there are also accounts for the number of producing countries and companies.

In the various sections there is a place for an ecosystem map divided by products and services and constellations, relative tables from technology or instruments, to costs and even images helped to be collected by the small satellites and various graphs that mirror the various items analyzed.

Nanosats.eu also reserves space to mention the failures and other curiosities, such as the maximum number of these satellites already sent in a single rocket or the launch forecasts for the coming years.

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The website's promoters state that they try to update the available data every two or three months, presenting the links and their original sources whenever possible.