Micrashell: the virus-proof clothing that allows you to be in agglomerations without being contaminated

Micrashell: the virus-proof clothing that allows you to be in agglomerations without being contaminated

Developed by a US company, Micrashell is an outfit that allows us to live normally in a pandemic period

While people remain concerned with maintaining the rules of social distance and isolation in order to prevent the pandemic from COVID-19 becomes an even worse threat to public health, there are also people and companies who are thinking of ways to allow us to return to our normal lives without risking contamination – and one of them is Production Club, a design company from the city of Los Angeles, in the United States.

The company developed the Micrashell, the concept of a fully virus-proof outfit, which would allow people to participate in agglomerations (such as going to shows, movies or shopping at the mall) without any danger of contracting the disease or transmitting it to others. other people.

Armor against COVID-19 and other diseases

micrashell armor covid-19General composition of the Micrashell project (Image: Production Club)

Officially, the company calls the Micrashell of a concept of personal protection equipment capable of allowing interaction in human agglomeration environments, and the promise that the equipment is fully protected against virus infection, easy to disinfect, dress and use in any environment.

Made of resistant fabric, the clothing is made to protect the entire posterior region of the body, covering the entire region of the user's hands, chest and arm, in addition to providing special protection for the face (the part most vulnerable to viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19) with a transparent mask (that protects the entire head region without disturbing the vision) that has a built-in air filter, protecting the user against any microorganism that can be aspirated during breathing.

micrashell armor covid-19Micrashell helmet air filtration system diagram (Image: Production Club)

The clothing also has several light indicators along it, which can be used to indicate the mood you are wearing. For example, it is possible to make these lights flash several different colors to indicate that you are enjoying the moment (for example, dancing in the club), or else emit a red light if you are busy and do not want to be interrupted.

Micrashell: the virus-proof clothing that allows you to be in agglomerations without being contaminatedThe suit has LED strips that can change color to indicate the user's mood (Image: Production Club)

In addition to the air filter, the helmet would also have some special holes, which would allow the wearer to drink and smoke without having to take it off. And, as it is an equipment developed only for the back of the body, it would also be possible to use the bathroom or even have sex using the Micrashell – but, in the latter case, it would be necessary to use a condom to avoid becoming infected with fluid changes during the act.

Micrashell: clothes of the future, technology of the present

Despite being just a concept, the project does not use any technology that is no longer easily accessible to industries today. According Miguel Risueo, creator of Micrashell, the idea behind this concept was not to think of something that could help humanity in a next pandemic a few years from now, but to create the concept of something that could be manufactured today if any company was interested.

The main materials used in clothing are high density polyethylene fabrics and a material known as TFC (thin-film composite, a type of maleversible and impermeable membrane normally used in water purification and desalination systems), sewn together with Cordura (High-performance nylon-6.6), which makes the suit completely waterproof but comfortable to wear.

micrashell armor covid-19The suit has two special filters to allow the user to drink or smoke without having to take off the helmet (Image: Production Club)

In addition to the air filters (which can be easily removed and replaced whenever necessary) the equipment helmet also has two special filters, which can be filled with any drink of your choice or the preferred smoke flavor (using the same cartridges recognized by any electronic cigarette) and that allow the user to maintain some important social habits for many people, such as drinking and smoking.

The suit also features online batteries that work like cell phone batteries, allowing the system to run uninterrupted for hours and allow them to be easily removed for charging. The entire electronic system of clothing can also be controlled via an app via smartphone, and the costume even has special pockets on the arms so you can leave your phone in a protected place when you leave the house, thus preventing it from being contaminated by exposure to a public place.

micrashell armor covid-19The costume gloves have special compartments to protect your smartphone screen from being contaminated (Image: Production Club)

Price and availability

If the Micrashell it got you interested and you can already see how much you have on the bank balance to buy yours, better calm down: this is because the costume is still a concept, and that is why it is still not for sale anywhere.

Currently, the Production Club he is carrying out tests to make sure that the product is viable and talking to potential interested in producing and selling the product, but for now there is no projection of when this suit should arrive on the market.

According Risueo, he doesn't want to launch the Micrashell as a curiosity, but as a real costume that can really help people. So, before thinking about putting the project up for sale, he intends not only to test it but also to ask organizations that have no connection with it or with Production Club review the entire project and carry out your own tests to ensure that the suit can really offer the level of protection for which it was developed.

Thus, it is possible that it will take a few more years for the Micrashell it is actually made available for sale, but if it does happen we can be sure that it is real security equipment, and not just a design project that does not guarantee its complete functioning.

Source: Fast Company, Production Club