Michael Jackson succeeds Floribela in online surveys

Michael Jackson was the most sought-after (non-fictional) personality online by the Portuguese in 2009, reveals the latest Marktest report. The singer concentrated the attention of national internet users dethroning the “champion” in title, Luciana Abreu, the Portuguese actress who became known for playing “Floribela”.

According to data from Netpanel, 177,000 (unique) users searched for the name of the pop artist during the past year, which is equivalent to 4.3 percent of the total universe of Internet users in Portugal.

The artist, who passed away in June in unclear circumstances, had already been voted “the most wanted” by Yahoo, whose figures include searches done by search engine users worldwide.

In the list of celebrities that most interest the Portuguese are also the actress who represents Hanna Montana, in the series with the same name. Miley Cyrus was approached by 115,000 Internet users. Note that the sample includes users residing in Portugal, aged 4 years and over.

The third place in the table is occupied by singer Beyoncé (71 thousand users), followed by Robert Pattinson, who stars in the film Twilight, Tony Carreira and Rihanna (69 thousand). Rita Pereira, Ana Malhoa and Cláudia Vieira are the other “elected”. Luciana Abreu, who in 2008 was the subject of research for the equivalent of 4.4 percent of the national population of Internet users, does not go beyond 68 thousand this year.

most searched personalities on the Internet in 2009

The absolute leader of the surveys carried out during the past year in Portugal was YouTube, sought by the equivalent of 38.4 percent of the total of Internet users in the country. More than 1.5 million users have searched for Google’s video sharing service.