Michael Jackson movie poster escapes to the Internet

The Internet has probably become the biggest risk for the secrets that are wanted – or at least so said – well kept. A good number of the best known artists must already have stories to tell about topics that reached the Internet earlier than they were supposed to. Even politicians have seen some of their most intimate or relaxed moments exposed online.

Less embarrassing but equally interesting for fans is the latest “accident” of its kind, which has escaped anyone who wants to see the presentation poster for Michael Jackson’s film, scheduled to premiere later next month.

The film / documentary is a compilation of images collected during the preparation rehearsals for the 50 concert tour that the artist would start this summer. It is produced by Sony Pictures.

Michael Jackson died on June 25 and became almost instantly the most important research topic on the Internet around the world.

On social media and everywhere, the artist was honored and cried, as TeK showed at the time.

Here is the image of the movie poster: