Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor enche pneus de carros e bikes sem esforço

Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor effortlessly inflates car and bike tires

THE Xiaomi launched the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor, an air compressor pump that promises to help you inflate car and bicycle tires effortlessly. The new product was financed through a crowdfunding platform, as the Chinese manufacturer usually does when it launches products in alternative categories like this.


New tests on Michelin tires will be carried out at the end of 2019

This portable air pump comes with a built-in battery and can be used for multiple purposes. According to the company, it can be filled from a football to a car tire. There is also the promise that the product was made to last a long time, with a structure made of ABS plastic.

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The device features a digital pressure gauge that automatically stops pumping air as soon as it reaches the ideal value for the bicycle, car or motorcycle. Its battery has 2,000 mAh, which would be enough to fill five car tires, according to the company.

Also according to Xiaomi, the Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor capable of filling a car tire in six minutes. The air pump control panel is inspired by the old Apple iPods, with a layout based on a single button at the bottom of the product.

The gadget measures 124 x 71 x 45.3 mm, if we exclude the air hose. This hose also works as a kind of clamp, allowing the product to be attached to certain structures.

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Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi's goal to sell 4,000 units of Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor in 10 days. As of August 10, the device will begin to be sent to users once the objective has been achieved.

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