Atualização da Mi Fit vai permitir desbloquear notebooks com Mi Band 3 e Mi Band 4

Mi Fit update will allow you to unlock notebooks with Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4

Xiaomi is starting to distribute new software updates for the Mi Band 3 and for Mi Band 4 (or Mi Smart Band 4). This new update 4.0.17 will allow users to achieve unlock your notebooks by their smart wristbands, without having to install a third-party application. In addition, some problems that these models had were fixed.

Who registered the first updated devices were the Indian users. For the time being, distribution to other regions has not yet started. it is expected that soon the other countries will also be served.


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One of the main novelties that the bracelets are managing to unlock only devices equipped with Windows 10. Previous versions of the Microsoft system have not yet been registered, nor have MacOS devices.

In addition to adding this function, the update also fixes some bugs that these models were presenting. THE step counter has been revised and the problem that counted "ghost steps" has been fixed. That is, the user was not on the move, but still the bracelet counted. The update corrects this problem.

To have your bracelet updated, first you need to go to your smartphone's app store and check if the Mi Fit app has any pending updates. If so, you only need to update. After the latest version of the application is installed, the new firmware will be available for Mi Band 3 and Mi Band 4.


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Another novelty added in this version of the system is also improving the experience of customers with iPhones. Xiaomi is also updating support for these devices, allowing login with Apple IDs.

Xiaomi is improving the functions of the Mi Fit app, so that it becomes even more accurate and the end user experience is also better. To check if your bracelet is already in the latest update, make sure it is in verse 4.0.17.

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