Mi Band 4 versus Honor Band 4: Which is the best cheap smart bracelet?

We already had a duel between Xiaomi's cheap bracelet Mi Band and Huawei's Honor Band, and at the time the beautiful color display was one of the determining factors to give Honor Band 4 the victory of the duel. The fourth generation of Mi Band also went a long way in design, so it's time to see who fits better with Mi Band 4 entering the fray!

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In our duel there will be a third infiltrated element: the Honor Band 3 Pro. It is very similar to the Honor Band 4, with slight change in design and even a built-in GPS.

In the previous article, we had separated into aspects and defined a winner for each. But with the introduction of a color screen on Xiaomi's Band 4, in addition to the identical name, the two Band 4 have become very similar, so let's break it down into three parts: what they have in common, what sets the honor band apart. what are the characteristics of Mi Band. With that we will finally define who is the best.

Common thing

Both products are inexpensive smart bracelets, two features that attract many of the consumers here in Brazil. For a very low value, both can bring a display to display information, sensors for daily monitoring and connectivity with the mobile phone to interact with it, sending and receiving information.

Both are good inexpensive wristbands for monitoring exercise, sleep, phone notifications, and other small utilities.

In the monitoring part, both can use accelerometer, gyroscope and heart rate sensors to monitor user activity throughout the day. They do a step count automatically, giving you a sense of how much you moved in your day and can make more complete reports with more advanced monitoring of specific exercises like swimming, running or pedaling. Then the information can be viewed on the phone, with reports with pace of steps, heart rate zones and calories burned, for example.

Activity logging also includes sleep, with both reporting total sleepless hours and quality of sleep based on wristband sensors. They also serve to end your sleep by providing alarm clock functions. Particularly one of the favorite features in these bracelets.

The connectivity with the mobile phone makes it possible to use the wristband to receive notifications, vibrating to warn of calls or new messages, something much more discreet than beeps, for example. Thanks to the good resolution of both, I can see the message on the screen, but I have caveats in both products. The Honor Band 4 notification center is half locked, and the commands do not respond as they often should. Mi Band already does not have a general list, you need to swipe one by one to see the notifications, which is very impractical if you have accumulated many.

Closing the set of capabilities, the two bring small utilities such as timer, timer, weather forecast and smartphone finder (this one I use more often than I would like to admit).

Honor Band Advantages

Honor Band 4 has as its first advantage a more robust sleep measurement system. Huawei uses Harvard Medical School methodology, which is three relevant experience in this field to generate the reports. In tracking exercises they are similar, but there is a difference that may be quite relevant.

Huaweri did better monitoring the swimming

In our tests the Huawei bracelet also did better in another respect: swimming tracking. Mi Band does not adapt well to swimming pools, generating reports in swim meters instead of swimming pools, not knowing how to identify the styles used (only determining the most used) and bringing much less information than Huawei. But for those who want a swim gadget, we recommend investing a little more for fuller options, especially physical buttons to ease things like pausing the exercise, as touchscreens are difficult to use when wet.

Honor Band vs Mi Band in Strokes

Honor Band has a more integrated design with the bracelet

Honor Band's design also has an advantage: the much more integrated bracelet, with the straps well positioned and a body more uneven. The Mi Band has the components concentrated in a central module that not only will be so integrated with the rest of the bracelet, also a little bounced and more exposed. Another factor in favor of Honor's interface bracelet. In my opinion, Huawei's software has a cleaner design and is easy to understand.

For those who want to leave their smartphones at home in racing, who has an important differential Honor Band 3 Pro. With virtually the same functionality, it has the differential of having a built-in GPS, not depending on the phone to track your route.

Huawei model has a simpler interface and fully translated

Although somewhat locked, the notifications center has the advantage of creating a general list of messages and it is possible to navigate them faster, while Mi Band needs to be sliding one by one.

Finally, Huawei has been more efficient at translating into portuguese your clothes. Eventually Mi Band 3 gained translation for our language, but at the time of our review it was limited to English, and so did Mi Band 4. The Xiaomi bracelet should also at some point gain translation for our language, but Honor it is already properly adapted.

Mi Band Advantages

Xiaomi's bracelet has some interesting advantages over rival. In the face she starts with a lot more watchfaces not the app by default, and that number goes up considerably if you include third party solutions to change the look. To get an idea of ​​the disparity, Honor Band 4 has only three options in total.

Mi Band has a much larger third party bracelet and app ecosystem

One of the coolest advantages of Mi Band 4 is the introduction of a control for the songs. By swiping sideways on the home screen you already have access to a volume control, pause, play and skip tracks. It's an excellent choice for those who don't want to have to take their cell phones out of their pockets to do that kind of action.

Thanks to its much higher popularity, Mi Band also has a more complete ecosystem of both hardware and software.. One of the effects much more compatible accessories, with screen protector films, bracelets, among others. The Mi Band 4 has a similar format to the Mi Band 3, so some flexible bracelets from the previous smartband may work on the new one.

In software, this also happens and there are often third party apps and solutions to add more functionality. An example is sites with more faces for the bracelet. In addition to having much more than 3 options as happens in Honor Band, you can get more options online, including sites dedicated to providing more customizations and how to install them, for example.

Mi Band 4 has a much better range

The autonomy is also much more convincing on the Xiaomi bracelet.. While the Huawei Honor Band 4 has a range of around 14 days if you are economical, dropping to 5 days with intensive use of all functions, such as constantly monitoring your heartbeat or advanced sleep. The Xiaomi bracelet holds 14 days even with all the functions in action, and can achieve even more if you disable some features.


With the screen introduced in Mi Band 4, the dispute between her and Honor Band 4 became much more paired. As was evident throughout this comparison, both products have more than similar than different, at this moment. The slight differences between them, like Mi Band's music player control or Honor Band's much better swimming report can have the detail that unlocks this tie between the two models, but in practice both are excellent input smart bracelets, It's ready to be an experiment for those who want to have a first such accessory and don't want to spend a lot, or are already happy with the level of quality and functionality they deliver.

The Mi Band takes advantage of its longer battery life and music player control, but both are at a near quality and functional level.

Which we can recommend, in fact, consider more expensive products depending on your need. If you want a more complex and capable system and install apps, you should go for a smartwatch, or if you want total phone independence to listen to music and exercise, you should also keep an eye on more expensive and complete models. But if this profile of cheap smartbands already meet your need, be it Honor Band or Mi Band, there is no mistake here.

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