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MetrôRio now accepts Apple Pay at all stations

Gradually, very gradually, the use Apple pay It is expanding in Brazil. Last week we reported that, after a long time in the testing phase, Ita debit card holders can finally set up their cards in the service. Now, one more good news related to Apple's payment service: the MetrRio now accepts payments with Apple Pay (and other approach payment solutions) in all 42 stations.

Normally, to get on the subway, you need to have either one of the MetrRio cards (unit or GIRO card) or a Single Ticket. Now, with the news, no more.

Starting today (Monday, April 29), anyone who wants to can simply use Apple Pay, a credit card contactless or any other approach payment option to pass the roulette. Initially, as reported by journalist Edimilson vila, in the G1, payments are restricted to a credit card brand and some banks, but the metro plans to expand the reach of this type of payment. contacted the MetrRio and was informed that the flag in question Visa.

In fact, this is an initiative of MetrRio with Visa, Cielo, Banco do Brasil and Bradesco precisely because of this, at the beginning, only Visa cards are accepted.

The technology used to Secure Access Module (SAM) from Visa itself, which according to the company, is easy to implement because there is no exchange of the current validator infrastructure (just the installation of a chip so that the turnstile in question becomes compatible). According to Visa, the technology is scalable and it ensures that the system was created to accept other flags as well, just that these companies express interest.

As we said, the news is valid for all 42 stations of lines 1, 2 and 4 of MetrRio. As a result, users will no longer have to face queues (in order to buy or recharge a MetrRio / Single Ticket card) and will be able to pass roulette paying for their own phone.

The fee will be charged directly to the card statement in question at no additional charge or fee at the end of each day of use.

Great news, isn't it? 😊

tip of Anderson Cams