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Metrnome Beats | AndroidPIT

It is noteworthy that in music concerts many spectators try to keep the rhythm with their hands or then dance to the rhythm of the music, but in the end they end up falling apart. The Metronome Beats is an app that has the power to assist those who want to increase their own pace or even those who want to have a hand-held Metronome. To learn more about its functions, we invite you to read our review app today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.2.2Root: NoMods: None

An app that presents itself as a metronome for smartphones should be equipped with more linear functions. This is what made us test the Metrnomo Beats, especially in order to evaluate its effectiveness and what it really serves. It is good that at the time of installing it no particular permissions are required other than access to the data network.

The main function here, of course, is the reproduction of a certain amount of time that can be selected on the referring screen along with the exact value of correlated musical beats. It is still possible to choose a certain speed through the + and – buttons. There are two ways to feel the beat: the first is traditional, ie through an acoustic signal. However, you can also disable audio and thereby view a graph that plays beat. The beat time can be reduced by using a percentage.

In Settings you can choose the type of acoustic signal and also how many beats per movement should be felt. Therefore, one can also accentuate the first beats of a certain movement or reproduce fourth and eighth as in traditional metronomes.


The Beats Metronome is a great smartphone metronome with all the functions needed for this type of tool. The app was very well designed even if it can not differ greatly from other apps of the kind that are on the market. For users looking for a metronome, this may be the app to use.

Screen & Controls

The Metronome Beats has all the necessary elements for its smooth operation and all buttons and these elements are very well arranged on the screen, which favors the good accessibility to the app as a whole.

Speed ??& Stability

The Beats Metronome worked stably all the time while we tested it. In fact, the app did not present any problems.

Price / Performance Ratio

Metrnomo Beats can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and free. Free version banner ads can be removed with paid version purchase, which costs 1.79. For the price, this version still comes with complementary functions.