Messenger Rooms: Virtual meeting rooms for up to 50 participants are now available worldwide

Messenger Rooms: Virtual meeting rooms for up to 50 participants are now available worldwide

In times of social isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, videoconferencing platforms and applications have become essential tools for those working or studying at home. In order not to lose ground in relation to Zoom, Microsoft Teams or even Google Meet, Facebook launched Messenger Rooms. After making its debut in selected countries, the new feature is now available worldwide.

Messenger Rooms offers rooms for virtual meetings with no time limit for up to 50 users. The feature allows you to invite anyone to attend the call, even if you don't have a Facebook account.

In the case of webinars or public sessions, users can promote the video conference rooms through the News Feed or in Groups and Events. The same functionality will then be applied to the rest of the company's applications, such as Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Portal.

Facebook says that it is not necessary to download an additional application to access Messenger Rooms, it is possible to create rooms for conversations via smartphone or computer. In the case of the Messenger application, users can also add different augmented reality effects, participate in masks, as well as add backgrounds or different lighting.

When it comes to moderation, users can define who can participate in a meeting. If necessary, you can remove participants or lock the room so that no one else can enter, in addition to other tools focused on privacy and security.

But not everything, as Facebook indicates that even more news will come to Messenger Rooms soon. The company led by Mark Zuckerberg says it remains committed to connecting people and believes that video calling technologies are a good way to help fill the void of distance in times of pandemic.