Messenger may be back in the Facebook app soon [atualizado]

Messenger may be back in the Facebook app soon [atualizado]

A few weeks ago, the Facebook announced its plan to initiate a unification of its three messaging platforms: Messenger, O Whatsapp it's the Direct, of Instagram. This would not necessarily mean that the three services would become a single application; the idea would be to run the backend of the trio in one place so that you could easily transition between them, answering a message from Messenger directly through WhatsApp, for example.

There is still no way to know if today's news has anything to do with this plan, but the fact that, by all accounts, Messenger is coming back into the main Facebook app from which it packed and left a long time ago.

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who made her name by tapping into Facebook application code and discovering company secrets, posted a preview of this on Twitter today. In Wong's findings, the network's main application would get back a Messenger icon in its upper right corner, giving immediate access to messages without having to leave that environment.

Facebook is bringing chats back to the main app to prepare for integrated messengers.

According to the researcher, however, this initial implementation is pretty rudimentary: you can use the Facebook app only to read and send messages, but you still need Messenger to send media, react to messages or send audio, for example. This can change even in the later stages of the project, however.

The screenshots published by Wong also show the likely redesign of the Facebook app, which, like Messenger, is about to take a store bath and almost completely abandon the blue that has characterized the network from its inception, replacing it with white neutrality. .

For now, this new chat section seems to contain only basic chat features. To react to messages, make calls, send photos, etc., you will still have to open the Messenger app.

The change makes sense: If Facebook wants to unify its instant messaging services to make them a global empire, it's nothing more intuitive than making it available to users in every possible environment and application.

Anyway, the changes should still take a while to arrive Mark Zuckerberg stated that the unification will not happen in 2019, and Wong's findings are from a very early version of the application. That is, we can wait seated.

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Update by Eduardo Marques 04/12/2019 19:35

A Facebook spokesman made the following statement to the iPhone in Canada:

We are testing ways to improve the messaging experience for people within the Facebook app. Messenger remains a feature-rich, standalone messaging app, with over 1 billion people using it monthly to connect with the people and businesses they care about most. We don't have more details to share right now.