Messenger from Google receives update

Messenger from Google receives update

Messenger from Google, a simple, basic and colorful SMS application. When it was launched, many were confused, as they expected Google to increasingly focus on instant messaging on Hangouts (which already supports SMS), but Big G decided to develop a dedicated SMS app. Understanding or not its existence, Messenger received its first update.

messenger BR
Messenger, Google's dedicated SMS app. / ANDROIDPIT

The very simple update, the animation when opening a message now faster and within the lines of Material Design, it is possible to choose the color of contacts: even if the colors are the same, before the color given to each contact was random. Besides, no obvious news: It seems that Google wants to keep Messenger simple and basic indeed.

messenger2 BR
Choose the color of your contacts from a variety of options. / ANDROIDPIT

The update is coming slowly for everyone who has the app on their smartphone. If you're in a hurry, d try to upgrade outside of the Google Play store, or download the apk this link; if not the update arrive in the coming days.

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Does anyone use SMS yet?

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