Merry Christmas from Google Discovery!

On behalf of the entire Google Discovery team, I would like to wish all of our readers, partners and friends a great Christmas night, with much joy and fraternization.

2011 is almost here. We will contribute to making it one of the best years of our lives.

Happy Holidays!

Orkut year-end stamps

You still can’t find the Orkut commemorative stamps? In order not to pass the date blank, let’s show where they were all the time.

2010 Google Retrospective

Excellent video produced by the Google team, showing the main events of 2010 (entitled to vuvuzelas at 2:05).

The highlights at the end go to Wikileaks, iPad, iPhone 4, Angry Birds, Android, among others.

Follow Santa’s trajectory

From the site, you will be able to follow the trajectory of Bom Velhinho on your computer, via Google Maps. If you prefer, you can track through Google Earth downloading the special plug-in.

On a mobile device? Follow at address It is also possible to search for “santa” in the Google Maps for mobile.

Just be careful that he doesn’t realize he’s being watched and you run out of presents. 🙂