App Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago App – Functions, Memory Space, Advantages and Evaluation

Mercado Livre created the “Mercado Pago”, a payment account application, where the user can make payments and receive money through it. Even for those who have some kind of trade, because they have the little machine that can be very useful.

The Mercado Pago App was designed to facilitate people's daily lives, making it easier to make purchases and make payments without having cash in your pocket. Through it you can move money without withdrawing, pay slips, use the card in the debit function and make purchases over the internet.

Mercado Pago App

What are the features of the Mercado Pago App?

The application is the bridge between companies with card machines, when an entrepreneur acquires a machine to pass his clients' cards, the receipts will happen in the paid market account. With this, it is possible to carry out several actions such as:

  • Transfers between Mercado Pago accounts;
  • Docs and Teds for other banks;
  • Cash withdrawals;
  • Billet payments;
  • Use the prepaid card from the paid market;
  • Reload transportation voucher card (Only valid for So Paulo);
  • Recharge credits on your cell phone;
  • Pay for fuel at Shell stations.

The benefits of the paid market app involve facilities for online shopping, sending money, paying bills and charging customers very quickly.

What are the advantages of having a paid market account?

The application can be used by both the legal person and the legal person, that is, the user can be the seller or have a personal account.

Seller account

Excellent for those who sell something, in this case, it is possible to manage sales, have access to reports, receive from your customers and move money.

The tariff in this case is 4.99% on each receipt.

Receipts can be made by email or by the Mercado Pago card machine.

Personal account

Even people who do not have a company can enjoy the services offered in the paid market app. The idea is to save on bank fees on transfers and payment of slips.

The fees charged by the paid market are lower and for the money stopped, the yield is 5.2% per year. In other words, it yields more than savings.

Mercado Pago App

Disadvantages of the Paid Market App

As payment accounts are not linked to any bank, I need to understand that the paid market does not have the Credit Guarantee Fund Guarantee (FGC). In other words, your money is not 100% insured in case of any problem with the Institution.

However, it is even safer to leave in the paid market than in a bank that does not have authorization from the central bank to operate, as it holds 4 stars out of 5 in a category of digital accounts.

A negative point is the low usage limit, since the daily withdrawals in the 24-hour network are only R $ 1000.00 and in the lotteries are R $ 500.00. Daily expenses are also limited to R $ 3,000.00.

How much does the Paid Market app take up space on the mobile device?

The problem is that the number of applications has grown a lot in recent times and this ends up swelling users' cell phone memory. But, there is no way, it is necessary to save photos and videos in other media to take advantage of this technology for everyday life.

The paid market app takes up little space, it needs at least 19 M of free memory on the device and is available for Android and the IOS system.

Mercado Pago App

Overall rating of the paid market app

Users are very fond of the application, which can be seen in the comments of evaluations, for them, the reasons are:

  • Several functions available in the app;
  • Payment methods are very secure;
  • It takes up very little space in memory;
  • The app is easy to understand, that is, its simple interface;
  • You can do everything on your cell phone, without waiting in lines;
  • The stores in the app are reliable, the paid market returns the money to users in case of problems with the supplier.

Some negative points pointed out by users are:

  • It is not available in many countries;
  • Payments can only be made through the QR CODE;
  • Some users complain that the refund of the money takes too long when there is a problem with the sellers.

In summary, the app on the market is well rated by most users. It is important to assess its usability individually, as each person has specific needs.